Attract your perfect client. Live a life you'll love.

If you've spent countless hours and thousands of dollars trying every small business marketing tactic to attract prospective clients but haven't found a sustainable solution, this is the end of the hustle.

My mission is to help you attract more of your ideal clients so you can live the life you've always dreamed of.

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Wedding Professionals Small Business Marketing Strategies

Llama Take My Time

Register for one of my courses to learn how to effectively market your business as you learn with a community to support you.


Let's Taco 'Bout My Marketing

Hire me as a fractional CMO to help you pull insights about your marketing efforts and guide you to implement an effective strategy.

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Make Music For Me

Hand over the reins to your marketing efforts and watch the magic as I execute a results-driven strategy.


Why Creatives Need A CMO

Here’s how small business marketing usually works:

The owner will hear from an industry leader that they need to invest in a specific channel or method to get more clients.

But time is limited. So they hire a virtual assistant or self-proclaimed marketing "guru" to create and curate content for them and post it to those channels.

Engagement goes through the roof. It seems like the investment made has been worth it.

But they fail to see any new paying clients. So they move on to another tactic without a strong direction for their efforts.

Unlike marketing "gurus" who spew out random tactics with a limited strategic scope, a fractional CMO looks at the whole picture and is able to offer unique insights on the revenue stream.

Download a free guide to increasing website inquiries.

What To Expect

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End-to-End Strategy

Develop and implement a holistic small business marketing strategy that doesn't rely on manual tasks to attract ideal clients.

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Fresh Insights

Stop wasting time and money on marketing that doesn't work. Know where to invest your efforts with data-based insights.

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Book More Clients

As you attract your ideal client in a more automated way, you'll start seeing an increase in revenue and profits.

What Others Are Saying

“Holly has a knack for explaining advanced marketing concepts in a way that anyone can understand. She has fantastic understanding of how all the little parts of a marketing campaign make a meaningful difference to your bottom line.”

- Yvonne

“Holly's depth and breadth of knowledge revolutionized the way we market our floral studio. By building a solid foundation and then expanding from there, we had a marketing system that was robust enough to carry us through the COVID crisis."

- Troy

Meet Holly Dechelle

I started my event planning business in college with a goal of helping my family make ends meet. Fast forward three years and I had a calendar full of weddings and corporate events but I had failed to price my services sustainably and had to make the hard decision of closing my business.

A few months later, I met Ryan O'Neil, who had started a branding and marketing agency and was in need of an intern. I took my skills as a writer and social media manager and started helping small businesses thrive.

In 2015, Ryan had an idea to help his wife by developing a platform that would handle all of her stem counts and proposals. That idea soon turned into Curate (then StemCounter). We sunsetted the branding and marketing agency and I started working with Curate full-time in 2017.

Since Curate launched, various creative professionals would reach out to me to ask for marketing help. I started taking on projects every so often but operated on a referral-only basis.

Now, I'm putting myself out there with a goal of helping 100 creative professionals effectively market their business by the end of 2021.

Ready to be part of this journey with me?


Download a free guide to increasing website inquiries.